We all deserve to feel safe in our communities, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. That’s why I strongly support providing law enforcement with the tools and resources they need to combat crime. In the outlining areas of our District we must authorize additional funds to increase the amount of officers assigned there to protect our families.

We must find better ways to keep our kids in school and out of trouble. This means fully funding education and working with our cities, community organizations, and law enforcement professionals to develop quality after school programs, opportunities for youth to participate in sports and other helpful activities.

I am a former teacher and I’ve taught classes to students in juvenile hall for several years. That’s why, in the Assembly, I authored a new law that will allow juvenile court schools to provide extra English and math classes to students who have fallen behind. Children who struggle with reading and math often deal with unemployment as adults. Now, the children who come to juvenile court schools will have the tools to change the course of their lives.

For too long, our region has been the dumping ground for parolees released from prison, including violent sexual predators. There are 900 more severely violent sexual predators set to be released. They will try to send them here. This must be stopped! The predators must be directed to live out the rest of their lives on hospital grounds, out of our District, far away from us. They must not be allowed to roam free to prey on our District. Dangerous felons do not belong in our community.