As we start to climb out of this economic recession, we need to ensure that our region isn’t left behind. Restoring jobs and stimulating the local economy are a top priority for me.

In the Assembly, I fought for redevelopment money and brought home $2.7 million for the City of Palmdale, money to bring back jobs and improve the city. I also supported a measure to restore the Antelope Valley Enterprise Zone, a program which provides small businesses with incentives to hire locally and keep regional dollars in our own communities.

I led the way to encourage the Federal Government to bring up to 100,000 jobs to California in the unmanned aerial vehicles (Drone) industry. I authored a new law creating a plan for implementation of drone testing in California and requests that the Federation Aviation Administration consider California as one of six planned test sites for unmanned aircraft.

While in the Assembly, I became part of the Los Angeles Defense Council, an organization whose mission is to support and sustain the aerospace industry in the Los Angeles area. Collectively, aerospace companies are the second largest employers in the 36th Assembly District. I look at this as another opportunity to strengthen our local economy.

While that’s a good start, we need to continue working to bring jobs to our communities. Job expansion and economic development will remain a top priority for me in the Assembly.