Steve Fox

Steve Fox ran for the Assembly to get things done for our families and us.

While serving in the California State Assembly, Fox focused on restoring jobs, invigorating our local economy, expanding educational opportunities and keeping our families safe. For a freshman Assemblyman, he got a lot accomplished to help our community.

Assemblymember Steve Fox (Antelope Valley) authored aerospace Bill AB2389 which directly created 1100 aerospace jobs and 4782 jobs in supporting fields.

The Antelope Valley has a high school graduation rate that is higher than the statewide average. Yet our students have no opportunity to seek a four-year public college or university locally. Assemblyman Fox worked to authorize the first step; a study on the feasibility of establishing an independent college campus, CSU Antelope Valley. Steve Fox should be allowed to finish this project. We need him to bring us that four-year college right here.

There are 900 severely violent sex predators set to be released. Many of them if left unchecked will be sent right here to the Antelope Valley. Assemblyman Fox authored and the Governor signed a Bill which gave our local courts the ability to violate these predators and send them back now.

Now Steve wants to sponsor a Bill that will force violent sex predators to live out their lives on hospital grounds, in another district and not in our backyard.

To address the issues of Veterans and homelessness, Fox co-authored legislation that would authorize $600 million in general obligation bonds for affordable and transitional housing for Veterans and their families. Now Fox also wants to authorize access for medical treatment at any hospital at no cost for our Veterans.